Personal Technology Services

Consulting Services

From computers, smartphones, tablets, home networks, to home theater, if you are looking to optimize your existing devices or upgrade to new ones, please contact me to discuss your situation.  The first consultation is free of charge.  From there, I generally charge an hourly rate for consulting services, with a typical one hour minimum.  We can also discuss retainer rates if you would like to secure ongoing support.

Computer Consulting

  • New computer purchase consulting/installation/configuration
  • Software installation
  • Email setup/configuration
  • Domain name registration/web site configuration

Home/Small Office Network Consulting/Troubleshooting

  • New router, switch, firewall consulting/installation/configuration
  • Wireless printing installation/configuration/troubleshooting
  • File sharing installation/configuration/troubleshooting

Mobile Device (phone/tablet/eReader) Consulting/Troubleshooting

  • New purchase consultation
  • Set up of new mobile devices
  • Data transfers from old to new device
  • Consulting on how to better use your mobile devices

Home Theater Consulting/Troubleshooting

  • New purchase consultation of audio/video components
  • Set up of new audio/video components
  • Programming universal remotes

Data Backup Consulting

  • External hard drives
  • Installation/configuration of backup software
  • Online backup consulting/configuration

Computer (PC/Mac) Technical Support


  • Virus Removal/Cleanup
  • Installation of all OS/software updates
  • Disk Defrag
  • Cleaning of registry and temporary files
  • Installation of free Anti-virus software if desired or activate existing security software

OS Installation

  • Install or re-install Windows or Mac OS (Cost of OS not included)
  • Install needed software/drivers
  • Install all system updates
  • Configure for optimal performance
  • Validate OS installation

Home Computer Setup

  • Setup and connection of computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers (on-site only)
  • Ensure system updates are current
  • Create applicable user accounts
  • Setup start-up and shutdown functions
  • Remove unwanted apps/trialware
  • Validate network/internet connectivity
  • Setup default browser/home page/search engine
  • Install/update internet security software
  • Configure email accounts in email app or browser
  • Install printer, external hard drive (on-site only)

Home Wifi Setup

  • Setup and configure home router
  • Complete internet provider connection
  • Update router firmware
  • Assign unique name to network
  • Enable wireless network security/encryption
  • Setup administrator account
  • Configure file/device sharing (document, printer, photos, music, video)
  • Connect devices to network
  • Troubleshoot and repair network/internet connectivity (if applicable)

Data Backup/Transfer

  • Back up or transfer data to another computer or device
  • Set up automated back-ups to an external hard drive (if available)
  • Create a DVD of backup data, up to 10 GB (if on-site or I take computer)

Email Setup

  • Create up to three email accounts
  • Install and configure email app, if applicable (Cost of app not included)
  • Transfer data from existing email app to another
  • Troubleshoot and repair issues with existing email app

Install New Hardware

  • Installation of an internal (hard drive, memory, graphics card, optical drive, etc.) or external component (printer, scanner, external hard drive, web cam, etc.)
  • Install needed drivers/software
  • Configure for optimal performance
  • Validate in working order

Troubleshoot Hardware

  • Troubleshoot issues with device (Printer, Scanner, External Hard Drive, Web Cam, etc.)
  • Install needed software/updates
  • Validate functionality